Walking Therapy

Are you someone who finds sitting in an office opposite a counsellor overwhelming or awkward? Maybe a walk and talk session would be a great alternative.

Walking therapy is becoming a very popular choice for clients of all ages and fitness levels. Perfect for clients who love being outdoors and want a little gentle exercise while meeting with their therapist.

Many studies have shown that walking is great not only for the body but also the mind, how many times have you had great insights or surges of creativity while out on a walk? Natural endorphins or feel good hormones flow when we are outdoors in nature as well as when we exercise.

These factors create the perfect environment for successful therapy. We feel relaxed, calm and able to fully engage in counselling. Operating in the Southern suburbs of Adelaide, we have the pick of many beautiful beaches and nature trails.

Hiro my rescue dog is always keen for a walk if you are an dog lover. Pets can be a great de-stresser, having Hiro come along has proved to be a great success with clients, bringing a calming presence and sometimes a welcome comfort.

“Nature itself is the best physician.” Hippocrates