Client Testimonials

I keep saying it but I am so so grateful my son has found Louise, I cannot believe the change in him since he has been seeing her, I have never seen him so positive about therapy and he has seen a lot of people! Louise just gets him because he says he feels understood for the first time in his life and I cannot thank her enough for the work she is doing with him.
Mum of J (25)

“Louise is truly a breath of fresh air in more ways than one! By combining a neutral, empathetic ear with the healing powers of movement in nature, Louise offers a unique approach to helping people navigate life. In these unprecedented times, we all need a little support to stay afloat. Louise has offered both myself and my teenage daughter a healthy way to deal with all of life’s stresses. I can’t thank Louise enough for her help!”
Mum of A (16)

I have been working with Louise for the past few months and have loved every session! I look forward to it each week. Louise has given me the tools and inspiration to assist with my life goals in the present ( along with working them out) Louise has been able to bring out all that I can aspire to.

Louise has the incredible skills of listening attentively, asking questions that encourage me to reflect, and providing guiding strategies to empower me to take action. Her innate ability to know when I need a gentle reminder or to focus on a task has seen me power towards my goals as well as appreciating the journey along the way

Louise quickly built a connection with my daughter. She returned positive after each visit. She will continue regular sessions to provide her with a constant ”check-in” opportunity. This will hopefully help her navigate the stress of Year 11 schooling workload and life in general.Parent of E ( 15)

The presence of Hiro is calming as is the quietness of the nature walks. It is great support for her sensory issues. Louise is supporting her to works towards her goals and become more independent – Mother of K (20)

I was attracted to Off the Couch therapy as it met 2 of my daughter’s needs exercise and emotional support. Fantastic: Do both at the same time