EFT (Tapping)

Have you ever felt soothed when someone strokes your forehead? Scratched or massaged the top of your head and felt less anxious? Rubbed your temples when you have a stress headache?

The human body is made up of so many pressure points that literally tap into our nervous system. EFT is often called Tapping as we tap on several acupoints on our face and body with our fingers.

Tapping is an incredibly powerful yet gentle way to deal with stress, help us transform our beliefs and can help with many issues such as emotional eating and food cravings, self limiting beliefs, low self esteem, sleeping disruptions, trauma, depression and many of the challenges we may face from day to day.

There have been many studies showing the effectiveness of EFT in lowering cortisol/stress levels in the body as well as treating conditions such as phobias, anxiety, depression and PTSD. The beauty of this therapeutic technique is that it can be taught and practised at home in between sessions.

It is a wonderful tool to self soothe and reprogram your brain for happiness, success and positive behaviours. EFT can be used in conjunction with walking therapy, online or in person sessions.