New Beginnings-Konenki

In all our lives there are inevitable ups and downs. Migration, motherhood, changes to family structure and a new career have given me an understanding of how differing stages of life can bring challenges and difficulties as well as hope and fulfilment. Who we are as a person can change vastly over the years, due to life experiences, developing our skills, finding our passions and increasing our knowledge.

The journey of life is not always easy or without pain but I believe there is always hope and potential to move forward and start afresh. That could be studying later in life, starting a new business, moving to a brand new location, or revisiting dreams and goals that have lay dormant.

My passion is to help others reclaim and take ownership of their lives, their health and well being. As women many of us throw ourselves into our family in our younger years and later on find ourselves at a loose end. Some of the changes we may experience are:

  • Our children may be grown and gaining independence
  • We may be more stable financially than when we were raising little ones
  • Our career no longer inspires or serves us
  • We may be in different intimate relationships
  • Our parents may be entering a different season of life or may be facing health difficulties.
  • Our own physical health may be under pressure, not to mention fluctuations in our hormones

These times of change can be overwhelming and consuming. My role as a counsellor/coach is to walk this path with you, helping you to discover your “second spring” or Konenki. Konenki is the term used in Japan for the years of a woman’s life between 40 and 60. The Japanese see this period as a time of change, renewal and for women to share their wisdom and lived experiences. This second spring is a time of honour and respect.

What do you envisage for your konenki/second spring? Let’s work together to explore, strengthen and develop your passions and discover your full potential

The cherry blossom tree is truly a sight to behold, especially when it is in full riotous bloom. Homaru Cantu.